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Child Custody

Child Custody:

What is best for you and your children? Are both parents reasonable and responsible parents? Is the other parent a loving and caring parent that you can trust to take good care of the children? Is there any history of abuse, violence or anger? When thinking about these questions, you need to gain a general idea of what type of custody is right for you.

Legal custody is the right to make legal decisions regarding your children:

● where will they will attend school;
● what religion they will practice;
● what elective medical treatment they will receive;
● what extra curricular activities they will participate in;
● what medical, dental, vision, or counselor they will see.

Physical Custody is the hands on day in day out raising of your children.

● Where are the children going to live?
● Do the parents live close enough to share the children equally? Is there a reason not to?
● Do both parents help with homework?
● Do both attend the agreed upon extra curricular activities?

Both legal custody and physical custody can be sole with the one parent making all of the decisions, the child living with that parent and the other parent having reasonable and continuing visitations; OR they can be joint with both parents making legal decisions and the child going back and forth between the parents’ homes on a reasonable schedule; OR there can also be a combination of joint or sole custody of the children which works best for the family.