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We know divorce is a difficult, time consuming and expensive process. We will help you understand all issues in your case by carefully explaining what is going on and what your options are. We will not engage in needless litigation for the sake of litigation, and will encourage settlement where appropriate.

California has established two grounds under which an individual can seek a divorce. The first, and most common ground is irreconcilable differences. The other ground is incurable insanity. California is a no fault state which does not require the showing of fault before a divorce can be granted.

To obtain a divorce in California you must have been a resident of the State of California for the six months immediately preceding filing your Petition for Divorce and a resident of the county you are filing in for at least three months.

There is a statutory waiting period in California which requires that a divorce cannot be final until six months and one day after the Respondent or Defendant has been served with the Summons and Petition for Dissolution.