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Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts:

Do you have a special needs family member who is receiving government benefits and who you want your Estate to care for but that cannot receive their share outright? You must plan carefully so your gift does not to cause them to lose their benefits. Setting up a special needs trust will allow the special needs family member to receive the benefit of the share of your Estate you left them by placing their inheritance in Trust and not distributing it to them outright.

Funds being held in the special needs trust can be used to supply items which will benefit the family member without causing them to lose their benefits. Does your special needs family member need high ticket items such as a wheelchair, a vehicle which has been modified to allow them to be transported, or is it as simple as a tape player to allow them to listen to books on tape? The funds in the special needs trust can be used to purchase items such as these.